About the Christian Baxter Band

The Christian Baxter Band...
lives in the delicate balance of putting their selves out there wholly as musicians, while at the same time desiring that God receive the attention and worship He is due because of the glorious Good News we celebrate as Christians: the forgiveness of Sin through God's Son Jesus Christ. This is their hope as they lead worship at various events, venues and camps throughout the country.
Our desire...
to connect people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ  and join with the Church in the "song" of worship and redemption.

Our hope…
is that our time of leading people will be marked by the presence of God's Holy Spirit and the life-changing message of the Gospel. We get to do something we dreamed of doing as teenagers and count it a privilege to come a partner with people in ministry across the country.    

The CBB bases ministry out of Arkansas, where Christian also leads worship for Fellowship Bible Church in Batesville.

Tell It Well ep

The "Tell it Well" EP is now available on iTunes and every time you hear us Live!  

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